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We have been increasing profits, finding money, and improving liquidity for our clients for over 20 years.  Our team and strategic partners will increase your cash position as well as improve efficiencies with no out of pocket expense.  Areas we address include waste management, utilities, tax benefit evaluation, and antitrust refunds, among others.  Contact us for your free analysis.  Let us work with you to find you money!

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Operational Optimization

Comfort Profit has over 20 year experience helping business and industry take advantage of opportunities  to streamline their operations, acquire refunds that may not be known to our clients, and reduce operational expenses. 

This is almost always done with NO OUT OF POCKET TO OUR CLIENTS!

Services include but are not limited to:

Waste Management Consulting

Comfort Profit clients can enjoy no out of pocket expenses for waste management consultations and recommendations. Our service promise to you is to unlock previously unidentified savings that genuinely add value to your business and the lives of your customers and staff. Waste comes in all forms including wasted time,

money, resources, assets and potential. We at Comfort Profit analyse, address and make recommendations across all facets of waste tailored to your business and industry providing a comprehensive end to end solution.text
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Electrical and Natural Gas Supply

Navigating deregulated and privatised utility markets is a difficult task. However, by engaging with Comfort Profit you are engaging with the industry experts. By leveraging strong industry relationships with premiere suppliers the team at Comfort Profit can negotiate supply contracts and procurement of electricity and natural gas utilities at outstanding rates putting your

money, resources, assets and potential. business in an industry leading position. By taking an analytical deep dive into the utility usage behaviours of your business, the team can clearly identify a strategic way forward that meets your business’ current and future needs ensuring your utility network is geared for success.
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Cellular Optimisation

Connect your workforce with customers like never before in this increasingly connected and digitised world we live in. connect to customers faster, most efficiently and with less out of pocket expenses. The Comfort profit service promise to our customers is that you will enjoy a guaranteed 10% savings on cellular billing with no contracts, no carrier

charges and vendor neutral premium  recommendations.
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Existing Data Analysis of telecommunications, internet and data networks

Every business wants two things out of their communications- the best fit of technology, at the most cost effective price point.  We will analyze your contracts and billing to correct errors, obtain refunds,  as well as identify areas that can be improved. We are vendor neutral, always working with the best interests of our clients first and foremost. Enjoy complete end to end service from analysis to implementation and deployment.

Hospital asset tracking and benchmarking

Empower your team and nurses with real time location focused asset tracking of up to thousands of assets. Save time and money with up to date locations, maintenance, temperature monitoring, humidity regulating and asset profit and loss improvements.
By monitoring your most important assets, temperature and humidity staff can regain up to 3 hours per day adding value not

only to your business but the lives of your staff and customers.
Whilst monitoring assets the Comfort Profit team can benchmark your spendings and savings through supply chain management and efficiencies ensuring a reduction of the overall usage of your supply chain resulting in guaranteed savings.
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Unlocking corporate tax benefits

Analysis of your business to intimately understand your position and unlock commonly missed deductions and credits in line with your accounting and finance team

Comfort Profit are passionate about amplifying the success of your business and creating easy and efficient strategic success plans that can be implemented to achieve long term and immediate savings and operational improvements. To learn more

about how the Comfort Profit team can gear your business for success contact us today for an obligation free consultation.
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