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Comfort Profit has over 20 year experience enabling businesses in the commercial sector to streamline their operations and create opportunities for success.


Dan Comfort

President of Comfort Profit,

Founded by Dan Comfort president of Comfort Profit, the company utilises his vast experience in business to create intuitive solutions for companies that are challenged to reach the next level and aim to provide meaningful, value add experiences for both their staff and their customers.

Comfort Profit drives solutions and savings through bill and contractual auditing, waste management and tax benefit evaluations. Offering a view that isn’t often seen by others in the market that unlocks the keys to untapped savings and the potential for positively funded exponential growth.

Dan and his team are passionate about what they do and the clients and sectors which they work with. Taking a professional yet personal approach to each client see’s the creation of a tailored strategic solution in line industry benchmarking, company values, core capabilities and customer needs. This personalised approach has seen the Comfort Profit team achieve great success whilst maintaining the key values of honesty and integrity which align all of their business ventures.

Working through a successful contingency model the strategic intent of Comfort Profit is to better operations and profitability of our clients whilst mitigating risk and without any upfront commitment.Ensuring that there is no upfront commitment is an important piece the COmfort Profit puzzle allowing the products and services to be accessible to businesses of all sizes. This contingency model has seen hundreds of clients nationwide change their business trajectory and increase their industry benchmarking dramatically over the last 20 years.

The real beauty of the Comfort Profit model is clients can trial all services with zero risk or commitment ensuring they are always in safe hands and can withdraw from the services at any time.

The Comfit Profit team are always upskilling and looking for new ways in which they can add value and boost profitability and productivity. However, the core specialties of the business focus around the auditing of bills and contracts for recurring charge errors, opportunity identification for cost reduction over many facets of the business including services, procurement and utilities and the representation of clients in the bid to recover lost or incorrect payments of funds. Dan his team are particularly passionate about the ethical negotiation and procurements of electricity, gas and utilities as well as telecommunications and assets management through intuitive systems that integrate AI and other start of the art technologies.
A core business value of Comfort Profit is innovation to better the lives of our clients. Without innovation we cannot continually improve and neither can our clients.

As well as the procurement of assets and utilities the Comfort team can review the procurement strategy of anything business or operational products. Ensuring freight, packing, storage, pricing and product are all the best fit for your budget, future state and industry.

We would love to take the time to get to know you and your business, to intimately understand your individual needs and how the Comfort Profit team can add value to your business.
To understand our business offer further please contact us today to ensure business is on the path to success and you aren’t missing out on anything that should be back in your pocket.

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