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Unlock savings potential and business efficiencies hidden within your organisation with the team from Comfort Profit. With over two decades of industry experience the team at Comfort Profit are the experts when it comes to finding hidden costs and sources of waste in your industrial, institutional, health care or commercial business.

Comfort Profit utilises intuitive dashboard software systems and AI smarts to track the spendings and waste of your supply chain, teams, departments and equipment, uncovering exponential savings to be had immediately that can significantly fund future growth.

Providing in depth full visibility of your supply chain unlike anything you have experienced before.

Gear your business towards achieving its financial goals and outcomes with the help of Comfort Profit team this financial year! Our experienced team with over 20 years of strategic savings knowledge and expertise will train your staff on the power of the utilizer dashboard with a hassle free trial period to ensure you see the results and savings straight away.

Suitable for all business frameworks and industries the utilizer dashboard software is designed for the commercial environment and both small to medium and medium to large business’ and enterprises. No job is too big or too small for this ground breaking intuitive software.

Using the utilizer dashboard you can now track the utilisation of your time, space and assets to recoup investments at twice the rate. With minimal upfront investment and unlimited support.

And whilst the savings are impressive the added extras of Increase tax benefits, asset profit and loss as well as overall asset management and life cycles highlight the unlimited potential of this tool.

The utilizer dashboard focuses on the in-use costs of up to tens of thousands of pieces of equipment and assets. The dashboard allows you to ensure that your tools are working as hard as you are with initial savings of up to 7-15% annually.

How does the utilizer dashboard work?

By utilizing low energy bluetooth beacons that can be situated almost anywhere around your space, the utilizer dashboard allows activity and operations to be tracked in real time. Thus increasing staff output, equipment efficiencies and overall productivity and longevity of investments. These beacons work together with the integrated smarts of AI to uncover supply chain utilization misalignments, wasteful behaviours and value mismatches.unveiling a deeper level of business savings that were blissfully eating away at profits, margins and overall success.

The bluetooth beacons integrate to IBM computer systems to analyze and a provide smart solutions across multiple sites and locations whilst milestone mapping assets and benchmarking overall operational performance of your business. The beacons can be integrated into new or existing IMB software for easy hassle free deployment and maintenance.

The benchmarking process is a business necessity for those who want to reach for the next level and experience year on year growth and success.

Make smarter more informed choices with your business’ time and money through data analysis and software dashboards.

This powerful tool creates a new baseline data that can be tailored to both internal and external benchmarks, best practices and actionable reports for optimum success.

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